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A hunt's pack is its most precious resource. Traditionally, the LCH pack and horses are blessed on Opening Day of our formal season. This is often a solemn moment during the festivities, as members and staff take a moment to honor the hounds that bring us joy and sport.

Our blessing is held at the Lorenzo State Historic Site after a parade of hounds through Cazenovia. The Lorenzo mansion and grounds have a long and storied history with the hunt and friends of LCH and members of the Cazenovia community gather each September to wish us well and see us off.

Master and huntsman doff their caps

Master John Anderson and Huntsman Doug Russell doff their helmets for the Blessing of the Hounds



Heavenly Father, once again you use this ancient and revered event to knit together your creatures: human being, horse, hound and fox.  We ask you to bless them all.


Bless the people who have planned and organized.  Honor their passion.  Look kindly upon those who have trained and cared for the animals that we see and that we will hear today.  Shield from danger to life and limb all those who participate in today’s hunt.  Let the end of the day find them renewed in mind and spirit as You would have them.  And care for those whose lands are traversed in ride and hunt, and grant that no deed cause hurt or harm.


Bless these noble horses who will course today and carry their riders willingly and loyally and safely.


Look in kindly fashion upon the hounds who hunt today as their forebearers in this special sport have done for centuries, expert at their task and eager to raise their voices in that recognizable song of triumph.


And bless our brother creature fox.  Help us all to see and appreciate the eager willingness and creative cunning that makes him the center of what takes place today. 


Finally, help all who participate in this hunt finish the day fortified by their sportsmanship, their resistance to excessive pride, their joy in the company of others, their respect for their fellow creatures and the lands they share, and their understanding that all we do, Lord, we do through Your grace and guidance.  Amen.



First read, October 7, 2007

Compiled, written and delivered by Evans Allaway

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