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SUNY Morrisville Equine Rehabilitation Center. 4414 State Route 20, Morrisville, NY

Thank you for your interest in the Learn to Fox Hunt Clinics. This day long clinic is being offered in 2022 to support those interested in learning to fox hunt, improving their fox hunting skills and/or introduce a new horse to fox hunting. Please read the following information carefully. 


The clinic is suitable for adult and junior riders who can walk, trot and canter their horse with control, ideally in a group setting. This is the place to start for people who want to learn the basics of fox hunting. It is also a very good place to introduce a horse to the sights, sounds and dynamics of fox hunting. Those who have fox hunting experience can also polish up their hunting skills at the clinic as well. 

Jumping is a part of fox hunting; however, you do not need to jump to fox hunt as typically jumps have a go-around in the field. There is much more to fox hunting than jumping and you are NOT required to jump to participate in the clinic or have fun fox hunting. However, given that fox hunting does occur in “nature” your horse should be adept at stepping over logs, etc. on the trail. 

Lunch is included in the clinic fee. 

All participants must pre-register. Only horses recorded on the registration may be on site during the clinic. Only one horse per participant may be registered. Please contact us if illness/injure of a horse requires you to substituted a different horse. A copy of Rabies and negative Coggins certificates valid during dates of the clinics must be submitted. It is highly recommended on general principle that horses have current (within the last 6 months) equine influenza and EHV vaccinations. 

Auditors are welcome. Some work in the afternoon may be on trails (weather permitting) and thus not accessible to auditors. If the weather is inclement then an afternoon riding session inside will take place instead. English tack is not required to participate in this clinic (although any rider wishing to do the optional jumping should be in appropriate hunter seat tack).


All riders are expected to present themselves neatly turned out in relaxed and comfortable schooling clothes compatible with their riding discipline.


An ASTM Certified helmet and riding boots are required for all riders. 




Dogs are NOT PERMITTED at the clinic. 

All clinic attendees are responsible for caring for and cleaning up after their horse and self. Please keep things tidy and leave the site cleaner than you found it. 
A limited number of day stalls will be available at clinic facility for a $25 fee. If you desire a day stall please make sure to note that on the online registration form. There is no guarantee that extra stalls will be open on Clinic Day; we urge you to reserve one now. Stalls cannot be guaranteed until closer to clinic date and must be paid for separately by check or cash on clinic day.  You will be contacted by LCH to confirm.

Seating will be provided for auditors and during un-mounted sessions. 


Anyone under the age of 18 at the time of a clinic is a junior and therefore a minor. A minor needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A parent/legal guardian may be a riding participant or a non riding parent/guardian. The parent/guardian is responsible for the minor and must be present at all times. The parent/ guardian must supervise and assist the minor with horse handling, and preparing the horse for mounted work. The parent/legal guardian must sign the riding liability release form for their minor child to participate in the clinic. The release form is required to be submitted with the registration materials. Pony Club participants may be supervised as a group by the club provided chaperone for the day.


SCHEDULE: (Subject to change) 


  • Check in: 8:45 to 9:30 AM.

  • First Session Start time: 10:00AM SHARP

  • Lunch: 12:00 Noon

  • Afternoon Mounted Session: 1:30pm sharp to 3:30 pm 

Please plan to arrive with time to allow for checking-in, settling in and being mounted and ready at the start of the clinic.
This clinic is the first step to starting riders and/or horses on the road to success in fox hunting. The focus will be on introducing the format, structure, language and time line of a fox hunt, the skills useful to develop for the horse and rider, understanding the different hunting levels or “fields” and what field is best for a novice fox hunter - either human or horse. Rules, etiquette and procedures of riding to hounds will be taught and practiced. Things to consider when shoeing and fitting-up a horse for fox hunting are touched upon. Tack, including saddles, bridles, bits and riders’ clothing will also be shown and discussed. Exercises will be presented to practice at home. 

If the weather is suitable the afternoon session may include some mounted work on simple trails (possibly with hounds!) to take you a step closer to experiencing an actual hunt. 


  • Please NO SMOKING 

  • Please be on time and ready 

  • Please pay attention while riding, during clinic lectures and demos and keep side conversations to 
a minimum 

  • Please do not use cell phones while riding and during clinic lectures or demos 

  • Please stay with the LCH group; do not ride or walk off unescorted 

  • Please do not bring your dog 

  • Please keep your tack and valuables locked in your vehicle when not in use 




Registrations are accepted on first come first served basis until the Learn to Fox Hunt Clinics enrollment is full. To avoid disappointment please register as soon as possible. A late fee ($15) may be charged for registration received 6 days or less before the clinic dates. A waiting list will be kept based on receipt date of complete registrations. Refunds possible only for wait listed riders or with medically documented illness or injury of horse and/or rider.


If you have questions about registering or the clinic in general, please contact us via email at

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