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Limestone Creek Hunt encourages members of all levels.  Whether you are in it for the sport of riding to hounds or you would rather just gather to listen to the tales of our seasons at one of our many social events, we welcome you to join. 


All adult membership levels pay a one- time initiation fee of $100 in addition to their dues. Current dues may be obtained by emailing us.

Please note that Leaves of Absence must be requested in writing and submitted to the board for approval annually. If this is not submitted the former member will be required to pay an initiation fee upon rejoining.


New members must be sponsored by a current member in good standing and voted on by the LCH Board of Stewards. For more information, please contact us via email.



An adult (over 25 years of age) voting member with all the benefits of Social membership (with individual voting privileges) PLUS full riding privileges during both informal and formal seasons.



Two adult voting members (plus their associated children) all living under the same roof with all the benefits of Social membership (with individual voting privileges) PLUS full riding privileges during both inormal and formal seasons for the household members as described above. Designed for the family who desire to hunt together, or families with some hunting members who wish to show an increased level of support of the hunt.


A voting member, aged 18-25, with all the benefits of Social membership (with individual voting privileges) PLUS full riding privileges during both informal and formal seasons.


Designed for members wishing to hunt in the field but with who have time limitations preventing from them from hunting as much as a regular Riding member. Includes all of the benefits of Social membership (with individual voting privileges) plus unlimited hunts during the informal season and one formal hunt each year.


An individual under the age of 18 who will have full riding privileges during both informal and formal seasons as well as all benefits of Social membership (with the exception of voting); note that the legal guardian of the junior must be affiliated to LCH as a member (at any of the membership levels) as well.



Designed for the Parent(s)/Legal Guardians of junior members, who wish to support their child’s interest in fox hunting. This is essentially a hunt supporter but non-riding membership for the parent.  This is a non-voting membership, but parents will be invited to all social activities. Parents wishing to have more involvement with the Hunt are invited to join at the Social level (a voting membership) or any of the riding levels if they wish to ride as well. 


Designed for Hunt supporters, but essentially a non-riding membership, one vote per household, invited to all social activities and trail rides, one hunt (EITHER cubbing or formal) permitted by paying the capping fee each year.


Designed for an adult (over 25 years) in their FIRST year of fox hunting (i.e. has never ridden to hounds as a member of an organized hunt). This member has all the rights of Social membership (with individual voting privileges), plus may ride as a member of the field for an introductory period of one season during one calendar year (unlimited rides during informal season and 6 hunts during formal season) at a reduced fee in order to gain an appreciation of (and experience with) the sport of riding to hounds. At the end of the first year it is anticipated the member will join at another membership level as the Novice Limited Membership is limited to one introductory season only.



Designed for members living outside of the hunt territory (defined as more that 150 miles from the Kennels) who wish to support LCH and hunt with LCH on a limited basis. Unlike the Novice Limited Membership the Non-Resident Membership functions like all other memberships in that it is renewable annually. All the privileges of Social membership (with individual voting privileges) plus 3 total hunts (any combination of informal or formal season hunts) each year.



A Groom membership shall be an annual membership (i.e. subject to annual renewal by the board of directors), consisting of an individual who is employed by a Family Member or Single Member in good standing for the care, training, and/or exercising of the Member’s horses; and who intends to follow hounds on horseback.  Grooms should generally ride toward the rear of the field. The Groom shall ride the member's horse near or at the front of the field by invitation of the Field Master.  A Groom Member shall have all the privileges of the Corporation except earning of colors, staff positions or the right to vote. Informal hunting will be permitted at the invitation of the Master of Foxhounds 

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