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While it is a heart-stopping sight to see a well turned out field in full pursuit, the heart of the hunt is not the horse and rider: it is the pack of hounds. LCH breeds Crossbred foxhounds and we maintain approximately 20 couple in our kennels.

Limestone Creek’s hounds actually hunt between August and December, about 35 times in the season, but are trained and exercised year-round by Huntsman Doug Russell and his whips. Club members are very much involved, including by adopting a specific hound to help cover expenses. When not hunting, the hounds are exercised on foot, and members are invited to join in the walks twice-weekly (a great way to stay fit, and socialize over the winter).

Hounds are ‘entered’, that is, begin hunting, generally when they are two, and depending on their constitutions and physical stamina can continue for about 5 years. At the end of their hunting careers, LCH hounds are ‘adopted’ by members or friends of the hunt - because of the way they’re socialized many make good barn dogs, but some actually become (big) house pets.

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