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Adults $50

Juniors $30


Thursdays: Adults $50, Juniors $30

Sundays: Adults $75, Juniors $50

High Holy Days: Adults $100, Juniors $75

Our High Holy Days are Opening Day, The Memorial Hunt, and Thanksgiving Day

The LCH pack, sleeping in the trailer

A sleepy pack, after giving LCH guests a good day in the field.


Visitors may only cap three times in a year.  After that point they are expected to join if they wish to continue riding with us.

It is anticipated that Visitors (or the person who invites them) will contact the Masters or the Honorable Hunt Secretary before the hunt day to secure an official “invitation” to hunt.  This contact allows the Masters/Honorable Hunt Secretary a chance to have a conversation with the prospective capper to discern their expectations, to give directions to the fixture for that day, give any additional instructions and makes the MFHs/HHS aware to expect visitors so the hunt can best welcome the cappers! Additionally the visitor should be introduced to the Masters on the morning of the hunt.

If a member invites a visitor to hunt it is expected that the member will be an excellent host and remain with the visitor in the field while hunting to maximize the visitor’s enjoyment and safety.


Checks should be made out to LCH.  If cash is given exact change is appreciated.  Please do not expect just before the hunt moves off that the Honorary Secretary will be able to make change or give credit in the midst of everything else they have to do. 

Please do not expect to be billed and pay later as capping fees must be paid and liability release forms must be signed before the hunt moves off. 

Remember that liability releases for minors must be signed by their parents, not their trainer.  Liability releases are available to download at (look under the membership page).

It is considered MOST proper to put your capping fee in an envelope and write your name and address on the outside.  This ensures that your capping fee will be appropriately attributed to you.

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