One of the problems with a legendary tailgate is that they create legendary trash in the forms of paper plates, plastic cups, napkins…you name it.


Enter the new LCH Mess Kit!


Each kit contains one 11 inch melamine plate with matching bowl, a set of Oneida stainless steel utensils, an insulated 16 oz LCH tumbler for some epic Mimosas, and a foxy fabric napkin, all tucked away in an LCH cooler tote that is big enough to include your contribution to the festivities as well.


You can buy extra place settings (up to 4) in the shop as well.


And maybe the best part? The bright red bag will make it hard to forget in your trailer when unloading from hunting—ensuring clean plates for the next time!


Note: These will not be shipped. We will arrange a time and location for members to pick them up.

LCH Tailgate Mess Kit